Why Does Your Law Firm Need a Document Management System?

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The most frequent question we receive from law firms is how they should organize and secure their ever-expanding collection of documents. As a managed service provider that handles all things IT-related, we encounter lots of frustration with the amount of money and time being spent on various software and still not being able to, say, find a specific form signed by a client.

Law firms of all sizes want an easy, modern way to securely organize, find, and collaborate on their clients’ documents. That’s why a cloud-based document management system (DMS) built for legal professionals is a must-have for any remote, paperless practice.

With a powerful platform like NetDocuments, you can get even more value and efficiency out of your work. Envision a DMS that also delivers the following:

Integration with Outlook and Gmail

If you prefer to work out of your inbox or find you’re in Outlook or Gmail most of your day, stay there. With NetDocuments, you can easily access and work on documents in the DMS and quickly file emails and attachments. All client work and correspondence are accurately connected in a single system of record and available whenever and wherever needed.

Powerful Workflow and Document Automation

Legal work requires a lot of repetitive processes to create a high volume of documents, but firms looking to scale are turning to automation to save time, reduce errors, and focus more on delivering exceptional client services.

Automating client intake and engagement letters that can be passed to clients for electronic signature can save administrative time and effort as well as show prospective clients that your firm is fast, attentive, accurate, and modern.

Integration with Your Practice Management System

Firms that want to level-up their practice are tapping into the power of sophisticated document management and integrating their DMS with their practice management tool for a truly seamless work experience. Here’s why:

  • Find what you need quickly
  • Create documents faster
  • Connect all related and relevant data
  • Log time with a single click
  • Collaborate more efficiently without cluttering your inbox

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If your firm wants a better way to keep client documents organized, accessible, and secure, we can help you get started. To get in contact with our team of experts, please email info@wamsinc.com or call (800) 421-7151. With WAMS, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters for we will be responsible for your small to medium sized firm or business with our IT solutions and managed services.


WAMS, Inc.

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