Managed Cybersecurity

We defend your network against cyberattacks with our advanced tool solutions.

Focus on Growth

  • Custom Assessment on your current network setup to plan, design and prepare a perfect solution.
  • 24 hour network scanning for possible malware or ransomware.
  • Regularly scheduled security audits.
  • On-site security awareness training to avoid cyberattacks on your network.

Your firm can focus on growth while 24 hour surveillance of your network, regularly scheduled audits, and security awareness training to keep your business moving.

Cyberattacks are an ever evolving threat to your firm and can steal or destroy your data, disrupting productivity.

Our managed cybersecurity service includes a custom review of current processes in place and recommendations to ensure a protected network.


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Threat Detection

We believe in being reactive whenever necessary but proactive whenever possible.

Our ManagedCARE Threat Detection was designed to address an area of attack that Antivirus products, alone, are unable to guard against – persistent footholds.

Traditional Antivirus may stop malware from initially launching, but often attackers are able to insert backdoor access into a system, allowing them the opportunity to attempt other attacks that your Antivirus will not catch.

Detection of persistent footholds will allow us to prevent more advanced attacks before they start.

Once bad actors gain backdoor access, it can take weeks, or in some cases months for them to be detected. With our agent installed on your workstations and servers, it collects and sends information about persistence mechanisms to our system to be analyzed.

That data is analyzed to highlight new or unknown mechanisms. We then investigate and confirm the presence of malicious footholds. Once a threat is detected and understood, an incident report is created, and action is taken to rectify the problem.

Detect & Response

Managed Detection and Response, or MDR, goes far beyond what antimalware and/or persistent foothold detection can address.

Recognizing that no single antimalware product can identify and prevent every attack method, our MDR was created through of 3 ½ years of intense research and development to address breeches at the earliest point in the threat cycle, when and where they happen.

MDR monitors, in real-time, malicious tradecraft behavior and does not rely on being able to detect specific malware that has been identified previously.

It will alert when malicious “admin-like” behavior is detected and report live where the access originated from, what user is initiating the threat, what the threat is doing/accessing, and how the threat may be spreading throughout the network.

Our 24x7x365 Security Operations Center will address the threat, live, and terminate malicious processes and/or network access of the bad actor at the earliest point in the threat cycle. This service includes monthly security reports.

Need to be compliant with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, ITAR, PIC, FFIEC or any other security compliances as required by law and/or clients?

We will find out where your solution is falling short and provide you peace of mind by making certain that you are.

Penetration Testing

WAMS will test your defenses before someone else does.

Scans and assessments are helpful for discovering your network’s vulnerabilities, but they can’t guarantee how or where a hacker will be able to get in.

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The Penetration Testing service shows you where your security is lacking. We provide you with a true attack simulation with both internal and external penetration testing and it can be customized to your organization or compliance needs.

  • 1

    Mimics real world attacks with advanced tactics

  • 2

    Shows the weaknesses in your network’s security and exploit vulnerabilities

  • 3

    Meets top compliances

  • 4

    Modifications are tested and completed by our team

  • 5

    Prioritizes remediation efforts

  • 6

    Provides detailed reports that help plan for your future security needs

Log Monitoring

Log analysis is a technology which provides cross-platform log collection.

Logs are collected from various types of systems including Windows systems, Linux systems, firewalls, routers, switches, and applications. The logs from these various systems are then normalized for effective reporting and analysis.

Beyond reporting and basic analysis rules and algorithms can be implemented to correlate events across multiple heterogeneous systems to trigger alerts for numerous types of events. These events could include anything from security incidents to network degradation or system failures.

Log File Analysis

Our Managed Log Analysis solution provides market leading technology, combined with certified and experienced security staff to manage it 24x7, 365 days a year. It prevents the need for a large capital investment in a technology.

  • The log files will be subjected to automatic analysis procedures designed to identify attacks, operational problems, or compromises.
  • Any anomalies discovered by this process will be communicated to the client’s primary contact.
  • A weekly report will be provided to you summarizing the results of system and network traffic trends during that week.
  • On-site security awareness training to avoid cyberattacks on your network.

Log Retention

  • Logs shall be retained for a period of 1 year from their collection date.

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