Managed IT Services

ManagedCARE is our all-inclusive option for businesses ready to let our experts handle everything for one monthly price.

How it Works

We take over complete ownership of technology you choose and use a proactive method to manage your technology. Instead of reacting to issues, we are able to tackle it before users notice. Our proactive ManagedCARE Services will keep your network running smoothly, your data secure, and your users productive.

ManagedCARE services are available to businesses in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Inland Empire County.

Managed CARE Server

Our network engineers constantly monitor your network and proactively fix issues.

Cut your IT spending by 30-50%, increase security, and keep your servers running smoothly.

An engineer will perform regular and scheduled maintenance on your network each month and update your virus protection, check firewall and security settings, install software patches, and security updates.

Support Classification

  • Tier 1 -

    Any desktop application issues such as WorkShare, Legal Macro Packages, or even Microsoft Word that can be resolved over the phone. Any software or hardware applications issues such as connectivity, configurations, virus issues, or general troubleshooting that can be resolved over the phone.

  • Tier 2 -
    Onsite Support

    Issues that need an Analyst or Engineer to solve. A ticket will be created by our support team and handled quickly with follow up to make sure everything has resolved properly.

  • Tier 3 -
    After Hours

    We will schedule any service that needs to be performed outside of standard business hours. You will never be without emergency support.