3 Essential Password Protection Tips

hacker trying to access computer password

Did you know the biggest threat to your online security is… you?

No doubt, at this moment, armies of hackers are dreaming up diabolical new ways to cash in on our identities, crash our sites and disrupt our favorite pastimes. But really, the biggest threat to your online security is… you. Yes, you, with the “1234” passcode for your iPad and put Post-it notes on your monitor with your passwords. You, who emails your password to yourself. You, who absent-mindedly clicked the email link from your bank’s “Costumer Service.”

Let’s Get a Little Smarter with Passwords

So what’s the best way to deal with passwords — and remember them all? Here’s our advice to help reduce our online security risk.

1. Under attack? Now what? The first thing to do when you receive notice that a password has been exposed? If it’s an email notification, don’t click anything until you verify that the notice is valid and not a phishing attack. Check the website of the provider or contact their support group to make sure the notice is authentic. If so, then follow the instructions they provide to reset and change the password. If client data has been exposed, he says, you must comply with your state’s data breach notification laws, and you should contact your insurance carrier if you have cyber insurance coverage.

2. Best tip for creating strong passwords? Make your strong password at least 14 characters, upper and lower case, numbers and special characters (for example, Attorney@Work2014!). You can use a password generator utility to create complex passwords of 14-plus characters, symbols and numbers.

3. No more passwords? Despite rumors, passwords won’t be going away — but they may need a partner to survive. Two-factor authentication is the future. Biometrics are a temporary solution. Tokens will be the second factor, along with passwords. Tokens could be wearable technology such as fitness bands or watches or your ID badge. Or they could be smartphones, USB fobs or digital tokens such as the SecureID card.

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