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WAMS: The Backstory

50 years of Exceptional Support for Law Firms and Businesses.
Our experts all have a background in the legal industry and understand the software and the demands that come along with it. That’s why all our clients receive a dedicated account manager and engineer with specific planning that works for your business needs.

We didn’t break into the tech world to pinch pennies from clients. We go into every partnership to help their business scale gracefully. Your company growth is our company growth, always.

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Why Clients Stick with WAMS

We don’t push unnecessary services.

At WAMS, we take pride in our clients’ trust – and we never abuse it to sell flashy add-ons or pointless solutions. Our Managed Technology Services experts analyze every detail of a company’s technology infrastructure to create a plan that covers all the bases.

There are no mysteries in our pricing models.

Unwelcome surprises and sneaky upcharges have no place in our Managed Technology Services service model. Clients agree to pay a flat, predictable monthly rate, period.

We’re flexible in meeting all our clients’ needs.

Business needs can change by the hour – and technology should be able to accommodate them. Managed Technology Services plans are designed to be versatile in adapting to growth. No matter what the future holds for our clients, we’re ready for it.

We don’t use boilerplate IT methodologies.

A template IT plan may keep the status quo, but nothing more. Managed Technology Services work to reinvent the status quo for clients and facilitate sustainable growth. Our custom strategies start with detailed business discovery to understand each client’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities to improve daily operations.

We operate with foresight, never in hindsight.

Technology should never stand in the way of productivity. At WAMS, we work proactively around the clock to manage risk factors before they lead to equipment failures, security breaches, and extended downtime.

Our technicians are always there for clients.

IT infrastructures don’t stop running when the clock hits 5 – and neither do we. Our technicians are available to answer concerns at a moment’s notice, even on holidays and in the wee hours of the morning.

The Managed Technology Services Approach

Quality IT isn’t about how much money you throw at it – it’s about how well your MSP understands your daily operation. At WAMS, our signature Managed Technology Services are based on a microscopic knowledge of what’s working well in your organization, what needs improvement, and how we can keep you in tune with your industry.

If it feels like you’re “just getting by” with business technology, it’s time for a change. Our mission at WAMS is to put your company in a position to grow with confidence and fortitude.

WAMS helps businesses and law firms across the country conquer their biggest IT challenges – and painlessly scale operations - from our office in the greater Los Angeles area .


Managed IT, From Our

Office Location Brea, CA

Our Team’s Core Values


The Value of Your IT Investment Should Be Crystal Clear

Organizations should never have to question why they are paying for IT support, ever. Managed Technology Services are about helping you navigate obstacles and create a more efficient workplace. Our clients experience the value of a well-crafted IT plan from day one.


No Two IT Strategies Are the Same

Each business has its own setup, culture, and vision. A template IT plan cannot accommodate all of your unique quirks. TotalCare IT is based on comprehensive discovery to fit each business like a tailored suit.


There Are No Compromises in Security

The latest security features are not a luxury item in an IT plan – they are day one requirements. WAMS takes no shortcuts in the security measures we provide clients, no matter how big or small the budget is.


Our Real Offering is Your Peace of Mind

Managed Technology Services means you don’t have to worry about your technology. You focus on growing your business and doing what you do best – we’ll make sure IT simplifies your day-to-day operations.


“We are committed to ensuring that our clients always receive the best service possible. We work hard with them, and their success means more than just revenue for us - it's what drives all of these activities in everything we do!”

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