Fullerton Museum Center

When you want to learn about the history of the area or a favorite artist, the Fullerton Museum Center is the place for you. It is located at 301 N Pomona Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832. The museum's educational space is home to varied exhibitions and educational programs centered on history, science, art, and the humanities. Here you can take your children or learn about an artist's work that you love. Here's a closer look at some of the museum's exhibits and programs.

For an art lover, the Fullerton Museum Center in Fullerton, CA, is the place to visit. This multidisciplinary museum has exhibits that focus on the arts, science, history, and humanities. Its educational programs encourage critical thinking and foster an appreciation for the arts. You can also purchase a T-shirt, mug, or other memorabilia. You can view a partial selection of the Dhawan Collection at the museum, which features some of the artist's original artworks.

"Alfonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau" is a special exhibit featuring lithographs, original drawings, books, and posters by the Czech artist. His art dominated the visual culture for years, including posters for Sarah Bernhardt's play, "Job," and for cigarette papers. The exhibit draws from the Dhawan Collection, which features one of the most comprehensive collections of Mucha's work.

The fullerton museum center was built in 1941 and was originally the city's fourth library. The original library on the city's 100 block was built in 1888 by William Starbuck. A few years later, the Fullerton community expanded and a Carnegie Library was built on the site. The Carnegie Library opened its doors to the public on December 16, 1907. The museum was originally located in the old library building.

Visit the Fullerton Museum Center to experience the masterpieces of Alfonse Mucha. The museum features over 60 of the artist's pieces on display. Admission is only $10, and you can enjoy his art in a unique way. You can also check out the Fender Gallery, which was founded in Fullerton. This museum will transport you to a world of Latin American culture.

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The Leo Fender Gallery at Fullerton Museum Center is a wonderful opportunity for fans of the guitar maker to learn more about his legacy and personal items. Fender changed the sound of the 20th century, and played an integral role in social and artistic upheavals. The gallery celebrates the artist's tenth anniversary and includes artifacts that have been gathered over the years.

The Alfonse Mucha exhibition features the prolific artist's works and explores his influences as well as his international scope. The exhibition includes an accompanying catalog that reveals new research into Mucha's life and works. It also features a selection of works from the North Carolina Museum of Art. For more information, visit the Fullerton Museum Center website.

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