Southern CA Manufacturing Company Reaps Multiple Benefits Of Moving To The Cloud

Aqueous Technologies employees can securely work anywhere and on any device now that their IT network is hosted on WAMS Cloud Connect platform.

Aqueous Technologies’ staff frequently travels around the globe and needed an IT solution that would deliver their IT network no matter where they were. The company was also in dire need of an upgrade to their systems since many of their servers were nearing the end of their warranty.

Their mission:

To be able to work anywhere and on any device via a secure, reliable and quick remote access solution.

Our mission:

To seamlessly move them to WAMS Cloud Connect and enable the staff to be productive no matter where they were.

“The onboarding experience to the Cloud Connect platform was effortless on our end. We were a little skeptical about making the transition to the Cloud, and quite honestly expected to have some downtime. To our surprise, the switch was painless, and the engineers at WAMS did a great job of helping all of my staff get accustomed to the Cloud.”  – Mike Konrad, President/CEO

Because of the nature of the work that the company does, they required a remote access solution that was fast, reliable, secure, and always available, even during power and/or internet outage. They previously had an onsite network with a terminal server for remote capabilities, which was functioning, but they knew there were better options.

Compounded on top of that was their immediate need of an upgrade as their servers were reaching the end of their warranty. They looked into Cloud Computing as an alternative to an on-site network refresh because of the reduced capital expense of not having to buy, build, and maintain new servers.

After the company tested the Cloud Connect system before they purchased, they realized how much more efficient they could be by working from anywhere, on virtually any device and made the decision to move to the Cloud with WAMS. It was a seamless transition that immediately provided the staff with the benefit of being able to work anywhere.

“WAMS has enabled us to provide better and faster support to our clients no matter where we are in the world,” said Konrad.

Aqueous Technologies now has a faster and more stable computing solution that they can access from anywhere on any device that actually reduced capital expenditures on servers and ongoing maintenance costs.

“Their Cloud solution is rock solid and just plain works!”


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