Tech Tips

Dec 9 2022

The Fastest Way to PDF a Word Document

Converting a Word document to PDF is an essential Word skill, especially if you’re dealing with courts that ...
two factor authentication

Nov 17 2022

Two-Factor Authentication Alone Isn’t Enough Protection

Two-factor authentication is required for online security, but it’s not enough. You will need multi-layer security to keep your law ...

Oct 27 2022

Why Does Your Law Firm Need a Document Management System?

The most frequent question we receive from law firms is how they should organize and secure their ever-expanding ...
hacker trying to access computer password

Oct 13 2022

3 Essential Password Protection Tips

Did you know the biggest threat to your online security is… you? No doubt, at this moment, armies ...
beware of phishing scams

Sep 15 2022

Be Aware of Social Engineering Scams

Social engineering is a manipulation technique that exploits human error to gain private information, access, or valuables. Some time ...