Tech Tips

May 16 2024

4 Steps to Change the Default Browser for Opening Links in Outlook

On November 2023, all links opened in Microsoft Outlook automatically open in Microsoft Edge. Although this doesn’t override ...

Apr 19 2024

Maximize Your Productivity: 10 Outlook Hacks to Elevate Your Workflow

If you spend any serious amount of time using Outlook, you should investigate your workflow. You can always ...
Convenient or Catastrophic?

Mar 15 2024

Auto-Reply: Convenient or Catastrophic? The Hidden Dangers Revealed

So, you’re headed off for a well-deserved vacation. All your cases are covered. All loose ends are tied ...
How to set/remove reminders on classic & new outlook

Feb 16 2024

How to Set or Remove Reminders on Classic and New Outlook

Relying solely on memory for appointments and tasks is a recipe for disaster. Whether you're in the zone ...
outlook dark mode

Mar 16 2023

How to Turn Dark Mode On or Off in Microsoft Outlook

Every version of Outlook 365 supports Dark Mode. How you turn it on and off, and what options ...