Extend Legacy Apps to New Mobile and OS Platforms with App and Desktop Virtualization

Extend Legacy Apps to New Mobile and OS Platforms with App and Desktop Virtualization

Wouldn’t it be nice to adopt new OS’s when they come out so that your employees could take advantage of all the new features and benefits that come with them? A lot of IT managers view this idea as a pipe dream – fun to imagine, but not easily accomplished.

Legacy software applications and high upgrade costs have kept businesses of all sizes tied to outdated Windows operating systems. Your business might be one of them. You want to upgrade to a newer OS, but doing so would require you to either rewrite applications that are vital to your company’s day-to-day operations and were put in place years ago, or purchase a large number of licenses to upgrade third-party software for your employees. Either option can be prohibitively expensive for you, especially with other competing IT priorities which likely rank higher in terms of business value.

In the past, you might not have liked this situation, but you could manage it. But with today’s mobile requirement and the consumerization of IT in which employees are using their own devices to access your company network, doing something about it becomes a higher priority. Why? Because employees who access your network without proper security measures in place puts your company data at risk; your business-critical legacy apps probably don’t run properly on newer employee-owned cross-platform devices or have poor usability; and it’s all become too complex to manage.

Fortunately, solving this problem is now much simpler with app and desktop virtualization solutions from WAMS powered by Citrix. You can give your legacy apps a second life in new ways.

WAMS and Citrix’s app and desktop virtualization solutions allow you to run OSs side-by-side on any computing system, so when employees bring in their own devices running Windows, iOS, Android or Linux, it’ll be no problem because they can still access the apps they’re used to, seamlessly and securely.

Likewise when you migrate to Windows 10, you can extend earlier investments because you can run the older apps on Windows 10 through virtualization. (And vice versa – run new Windows 10 apps on older hardware without needing to do a PC refresh.)

To learn more about all the benefits of app and desktop virtualization solutions from WAMS and Citrix, visit www.SolveITwithCitrix.com/infographic/ where you can access a library of resources including whitepapers and videos. Or give us a call.

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