New Samsung Upgrades Promise More Security for Galaxy Note 9

Securing personal and commercial devices comes with a continuous thread of software and firmware updates containing the latest features and security fixes.

Security Patches Explained

Software engineers are constantly constructing programs that can contain creator errors. These errors are often small and over looked while some errors can be devastating. Therefore, the need for continuous ‘patches’ is essential to keep the OS intact and functioning correctly, whether it is a keyboard malfunction or the lock screen containing a security defect. No matter how small the bug, address the issue quickly before it becomes a larger operating issue. These errors can create cracks so cybercriminals can steal valuable and personal data.

It’s crucial for developers to make security patches available and critical for organizations/users to implement patch management. Effective patch management requires individuals and businesses to keep track of the latest updates and security patches available. Turn on the automatic updates option in your devices settings as a way to stay secure.

Google and Apple make it easy to have your smartphone manage the work of keeping the OS and all of your apps patched to the most recent version. To check your Android device’s security patch level, Google offers an easy online tool. Click here for detailed instructions to help navigate your account profile and settings.

Release Dates of New Patches Can Vary

 Manual updates may need special attention because the release of the newest security patches can vary and only be released to specific networks and countries.  Some security patches and special updates may even require a membership or a subscription in order for customers to gain access. Keeping an eye out for the latest security patches can be very beneficial in order to secure critical data and keep your devices running at their highest capacity. Release details provided here.

Keep Watch for Newest Updates

  • Staying informed and updated with the newest security patches and updates will be beneficial for securing vital information.
  • Taking advantage of resources and tools can lead to a smooth running OS and give insight to your device’s security level.
  • A monthly security check for your devices will give you piece of mind. Create unique passwords for each device.

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