New Methods for Workers Turning to Telework

Millions of workers have been granted access to work remotely, creating a massive influx for video communication, new ways for productivity, and network slowdowns.

Video Communication and Potential Risks

For the past few months, businesses and workers have faced numerous challenges due to COVID-19.  One method is revisiting “teleworking.” Teleworking is not necessarily new in popularity or obligation it has been in the works for a couple decades. The increase in remote work has led to some complications for businesses but has had some innovative moments along the way.

Video Communication is increasingly popular and companies are making light of the situation by creating interesting backgrounds and attempting to enrich team meetings. Zoom has exponentially increased its utilization for team meetings and video communication. For a full ranking of smart video applications click here. However, security regarding our devices should remain a priority. Risking vital information to hackers can become easier when working from home. As with all software, viruses always find a way to affect service. Zoom has a few flaws and is currently working hard to create security patches, as quickly as possible. Learn more details about Zoom vulnerabilities and the progress made.

Changes in Work Culture for the Better

The shift from office to home work space can be difficult at first, especially when there can be frequent distractions. Once the initial thought of being home while working passes people seem to become more productive and connected than ever.

Microsoft reviews working from home and how co-workers are more important than ever. Innovations are being created to maintain and raise productivity during these unique times.

Cyber Traffic Jams and Possible Solutions

Now that a vast majority of workers can telework, internet service providers (ISPs) may need a little time to catch up. Internet speeds have been greatly affected, especially during peak work hours, with few solutions. Check with your ISP to gain insight if there are data caps on your account. Paying a little extra for unlimited data may be worth it in the end. The best solution for faster internet (with less throttling limitations) is a virtual private network (VPN) and security setup. Our engineers and architects are ready to enable your employees with secure VPN options within their homes to continue daily business at a secure level.


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