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Summer School Session 4: From the Trenches – Live Interviews with People Using Cloud Today in their Office

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Thursday, August 14 at 11:00 am

For the first time ever, we’ve gathered together a group of people who are using cloud TODAY in their office and are putting them on this live webinar for you to learn firsthand from them…

  • The details of exactly how they use Cloud Computing
  • The challenges they faced in deciding to go to the Cloud and the benefits they see today
  • How they navigated the waters to find a Cloud solution that worked for them
  • Their firsthand advice and tips for you if you’re considering Cloud Computing

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Cloud Panelists

Mike Konrad, President of Aqueous Technologies

Mike Konrad is the president of Aqueous Technologies, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of cleaning and cleanliness testing systems for the electronics assembly industry. Aqueous Technologies has been using the Cloud for about a year now, and Mike will be sharing how the Cloud has enabled him and his employees to work across the globe. He will also be giving his candid feedback on what it was like to transition from a traditional, on-site network to the Cloud.

Steve Wolf, Partner at Oster and Wolf

Steve Wolf is a founding partner at Oster and Wolf, a reputable CPA firm based in Woodland Hills, CA, that provides tax services to the business community. Steve will be sharing with you his straightforward and truthful reasons as to why they chose to go to the Cloud. He will also be discussing financially how and why it made sense for the accounting firm to “go Cloud.” The firm was also due for an upgrade, so Steve will be talking about the different factors that played into their decision and his honest opinion regarding the results.

Ken Wright, Corporate IT Director at Pacific Hospitality Group & Busch and Caspino

Ken Wright’s past experience has been working in IT specifically in the legal industry and now he faces new challenges in his role as Corporate IT Director for the jointly owned Pacific Hospitality Group and the law firm of Busch & Caspino. The newly formed firm of Busch & Caspino needed a technology solution that enabled the high power attorneys and their staff to work extremely productively and at any place and anytime. Ken’s challenge was to find a solid solution that would enable just that. Ken will be discussing from an IT perspective exactly why Cloud works perfectly for the firm.

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