How To Tell If Cloud Computing Is Right For Your Business

Are you curious if the Cloud is right for your firm? Do you wonder what options exist for your needs? Would you like a detailed review including approach, pricing, pros and cons of moving to the cloud?  If you are curious or facing a large network or server upgrade, contact us for a complimentary Cloud Readiness Assessment and we’ll perform the following for you:

1. Cost Comparison For Cloud Versus On-Premise Network Solution

Our first step is to look at your current network in terms of hardware, data, applications, and critical functions. Next, we gather an IT assessment to reveal total spend on IT and compare it to a cloud computing approach. Why? Our goal is to help you identify your IT spend and help you find ways to lower costs, minimize IT hassles and simplify your involvement in IT.

2. Network Health Check

We’ll perform an audit to look for potential problems, identify risk concerns, security loopholes, and other problems that could be negatively impacting security and performance.

3. Cloud Readiness

After we’ve looked at the above areas, we’ll see if the way your employees work and share information would be compatible with a cloud solution.  Not all businesses will work.

To learn more about cloud computing and sign up for an assessment, go to or call Allison at 714-994-2811  or email  Due to time and staffing limitations, we only have time for 3 assessments this month.  However, if you are interested and we’re booked, we’ll add your name to our waiting list.


WAMS, Inc.

The experts at WAMS, Inc. all have a background in the legal industry and understand the software and the demands that come along with it. That’s why all our clients receive a dedicated account manager and engineer with specific planning that works for your business needs. We didn’t break into the tech world to pinch pennies from clients. We go into every partnership to help their business scale gracefully. Your company growth is our company growth, always.