Google undergoes an A-Z reshuffle


It has been difficult to keep track of all the business ventures of Google – if you’re into that sort of thing. So many people cannot imagine their everyday lives without Google’s omnipresent search engine and Chrome. How are those linked with driverless cars, delivering drones and longevity research? Google is undergoing restructuring in an attempt to bring some order into the organizational chaos.

And, voila – Alphabet. This parent company will take under its umbrella all the various interests and ventures of Google, bringing transparency into the structure. It is not expected that Alphabet Inc. will be a consumer brand. It will take over Google as a public trading entity, transforming Google into its subsidiary. Google stocks are going to translate into the same amount of Alphabet stocks.

Let’s have a look at all the fields Alphabet will be taking over. Apart from the loved search engine and the browser, there is the cloud based office suite, Google Drive, Gmail, the Chrome OS, the mobile platform for Android, Project Ara smartphone, the Nexus mobile and free music service. Ok, that’s all understandable, but this is where it gets wild: social network, robotics, Google glasses and life sciences. Talk about versatility.

By trimming the projects that are not compatible with Google’s focus on the Internet, the company leaders plan to increase financial transparency which would have positive results in a number of ways.

For one thing, it is hoped this reorganization will attract investments. Secondly, the visionary and explorative side ventures will gain more independence and proper management, allowing them to get better results.

An added benefit for the Google’s top management is that leading executives have got their own territories. Fewer management experts will be forced to leave in pursuit of a CEO position, and acquisitions will cause less executive drainage.

The diverse, and by many regarded as intriguing, enterprises are going to become more agile and free to take on risks from the safe distance of the other businesses.

Google is an incredibly successful business with a huge presence in the domain of advertising, both web- and mobile-based. However, the news in the recent times has seen a shift in attention to Google’s regular trips into the exciting and controversial, the area where they often aim high only fall low.

Alphabet Inc. is a corporate reshuffle which isn’t expected to affect the products in any way. Consumers can stay cool, as the search engine and Android are not planned to go anywhere.

And if you are interested in who’s going to head these divisions this is the deal. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who cofounded Google at the end of the nineties, are president and CEO of Alphabet, respectively. Sundar Pichai who used to be the vice-president responsible for Android, Chrome and Google apps, takes the position as the CEO of Google.

Lastly, all this moving around is hoped to have a positive influence on Google’s public image, as the web-based side of things loses the tight connection to the unpredictable and sometimes dicey explorations into new technologies.


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