Go Green With Cloud Computing!

Earth Day is always a great reminder to “go green” and be conscious of the way we are using our Earth’s resources. Whether it’s walking to the store instead of driving, planting a tree outside, or using your reusable bags, today is a great day to practice the idea that every little bit and every little step in the right direction helps.

Did you know that Cloud Computing is a fantastic “green” solution? Here’s 9 reasons why…

  1. Reduce Power & Cooling Needs: Cloud computing allows you to eliminate on-site servers, which will drastically reduce the cooling and power energy needed. It’s been estimated that a 100-person company can reduce energy consumption and emissions by 90% with cloud computing.
  2. Reduce Commute & Fuel Emissions: Cloud enables employees to work from home, reducing or eliminating commutes and fuel emissions.
  3. Less e-Waste: Data centers use virtualization, which means that less equipment is needed and there is less e-waste.
  4. Less Future e-Waste: Since you will no longer have to upgrade your network, there will be less e-waste in the future. Plus, devices will last longer since the computing is done in the cloud.
  5. Only Pay for What You Use: Cloud runs by a utility model (pay-per-use), so you only pay for the resources you consume.
  6. Less Physical Footprint: More remote workers means less office space needed. Think about what could be reduced if less office space was needed (electricity, power/cooling, etc.).
  7. No “Double-Devices”: Work and personal laptops and computers can now be combined.
  8. Less Printing: Cloud naturally encourages reduced printing and paper usage since it puts most everything online and digital.
  9. Other Bonuses: Improved security, access all of your data anywhere at anytime, cost savings, improved reliability, scalable, improved productivity.

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