This Is NOT An April Fools Prank

Ah! April Fool’s Day…the day where we all got to play pranks and tell little white lies to our friends, families and coworkers and then sit back and watch them fall into our tricks, snickering at their naivety. Did you play any good pranks this year?

I told my dad another massive earthquake had just happened, that my house was covered in broken glass and debris, and that my head was bleeding profusely. He lives thousands of miles away in Washington State. He couldn’t come help me. It was NOT funny to him. April Fools!! J

(By the way, use these recent earthquakes as a catalyst to talk to your firm if you do not have a foolproof data backup in place! Read this recent blog article to learn the The 10 Disaster Planning Essentials For A Small To Medium-Sized Business’s Network.)

On a more serious note, a very real calamity is upon us – the death of Windows XP! And this is NO JOKE. It is very serious, and I want everyone to realize just how catastrophic this could be to your network if you still continue to have XP machines on the network after the kill date of April 8, 2014 (NEXT TUESDAY).

I’ve met with Microsoft executives three times in the last month for various reasons, and each time, every single one of them stressed the importance of getting EVERYONE off of XP.

They each had their own reasons, but all of them had the same opinion – that there are hundreds of hackers out there ready with malicious code already written to exploit any XP machines after the end-of-support date.

Why? Because after next Tuesday, Microsoft will no longer be issuing security updates and patches. Your machine will be left wide open to any and all threats. If one of these machines is connected to the network, your entire system is now at risk.

So please, please reach out to me if you need assistance replacing these XP machines! We’re a top-level partner with Microsoft and can leverage our partnership to get you ready for the end-of-life date. My contact info is below!


WAMS, Inc.

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