20 Mar 2014

16 Quick iPad Tips!

Wams, Inc.News  

The iPad is here to stay and is fast becoming one of the most used devices in law firms. WAMS is excited to be doing an iPad focused webinar next month with iPad for Lawyers … Read More

16 Feb 2014

What Is Business Blogging?

Wams, Inc.News  

Modern marketing has become an almost wholly digital affair, with companies relying on their website and social media profiles as a main marketing platform. This is all created in response to the fact that many … Read More

06 Feb 2014

What The Olympics & Technology Have in Common

Wams, Inc.News  

The opening night for the Sochi 2014 Olympics is tonight, and in the midst of all of the hullabaloo and pride for each person’s country, I’m starting to see a few parallels between the world … Read More

02 Feb 2014

Rethink Remote Access

Wams, Inc.News  

People everywhere around the world got a real shock last week when remote access specialist LogMeIn got rid of its free alternative and asked users to man up and pay for the paid version. While the … Read More

30 Jan 2014

How Long Do Hard Drives Really Last?

Wams, Inc.News  

One-hundred percent of all hard drives will eventually fail. This is a fact. Some will fail prematurely due to manufacturers’ defects while others will fail because a mechanical part finally wears out. The question is, … Read More

23 Jan 2014

2014 Trends in Disaster Recovery

Wams, Inc.News  

It feels as though the amount of disasters striking areas around the globe is growing year-over-year, or maybe they are just highlighted more in the media. Whatever the reality of disaster risks, many business owners, … Read More