20 May 2014

5 Signs You Need An MSP

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Technology is an integral part of any business, regardless of the industry or company size. A common problem many business owners and managers run across though is that managing technology can be increasingly tough. One … Read More

30 Apr 2014

A Windy Day Reminder

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Welcome to Southern California spring! Warmer temperatures, weekend beach days, and unfortunately, the Santa Ana winds and increase in tourists are typical indicators that spring has certainly sprung. This year has continued to fly by, … Read More

22 Apr 2014

Go Green With Cloud Computing!

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Earth Day is always a great reminder to “go green” and be conscious of the way we are using our Earth’s resources. Whether it’s walking to the store instead of driving, planting a tree outside, … Read More

02 Apr 2014

This Is NOT An April Fools Prank

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Ah! April Fool’s Day…the day where we all got to play pranks and tell little white lies to our friends, families and coworkers and then sit back and watch them fall into our tricks, snickering … Read More

20 Mar 2014

16 Quick iPad Tips!

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The iPad is here to stay and is fast becoming one of the most used devices in law firms. WAMS is excited to be doing an iPad focused webinar next month with iPad for Lawyers … Read More