27 Nov 2020

This Microsoft Office Feature is a Time-Saver

Ashli LoppNews  

If you work with a lot of information, there are times when you need to copy information from one file to another. Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity tools that help you perform tasks … Read More

13 Nov 2020

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Business Apps

Ashli LoppNews  

Microsoft apps such as Word, Edge, and Outlook are a business mainstay. When using these apps, employees can take advantage of keyboard shortcuts to save time. Here are 10 of the most handy, easy-to-remember shortcuts. … Read More

30 Oct 2020

Ransomware Attack Results in Woman’s Death

Ashli LoppNews  

With so many hospitals and other healthcare centers being targeted by cyber extortionists, it was only a matter of time before a ransomware attack led to someone’s death. Discover what happened and the implications this … Read More