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We provide work from home solutions and remote office technology for companies in the Santa Ana, CA area. Our remote office solutions enable your team to work from anywhere, on any device while maintaining a secure and reliable connection. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about remote office technology!

Organizations offering remote work or work from home policies are on the rise as technology has expanded and diversified collaborative software and applications. Not only does remote work technology offer flexibility and an increased talent pool, it can also reduce costs and improve productivity across your organization.

Protect your firm from a cyberattack Protect your firm from a cyberattack Protect your firm from a cyberattack

Creating a work from home solution

Having an established remote work solution also benefits business continuity. As more and more events have arisen in recent times that prevent onsite work operations, many businesses are rolling out work from home options, and are investing in remote office technology

Consider Connectivity

Most homes with internet connectivity have sufficient connections and bandwidth out of the box, but making a few improvements like upgrading a router or utilizing an ethernet cable to ensure employees have a stable connection for the duration of the workday.

Utilize Collaboration Software

Although in a remote work setting your employees may be spread across a large geographical area, communication and collaboration are still key to success. Software and applications for messaging, email, phone, and voice communication are heavily utilized in remote work technology. There are numerous applications for collaborative project management, document sharing and internal meetings.

Keep It Secure

With employees working from home most of the network security procedures need to be adjusted to accommodate connections outside the business premises. Employers should also enable encryption, require multi-factor authentication and require that personal devices are up to date in cases where a "bring-your-own-device" policy is allowed. 

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Remote work and work from home programs have recently become a widespread normal for nearly all company types-- with many organizations offering continued or permanent hybrid-remote work environments. Our technicians can help your business evaluate and improve your existing work from home solution or help your business build the framework necessary for a remote workplace!


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