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Data backups play a key role in your disaster recovery solution

Traditional data backups are usually managed onsite by storing data copies on physical elements, such as disks or drives. This outdated form of data storage creates higher costs, requires more room to store the physical files, and it's a less usable form of data. Today, data backups are online and cloud-based and they can be efficiently automated, stored, and replicated.

With recurring routine data backups, your company records are transferred over the internet either to a cloud-based solution or storage server at a datacenter.  A routine backup schedule ensures that there's always a fresh copy of your data available for restoration, if necessary.

We offer data backup services and disaster recovery solutions to companies in the Burbank, CA area. Our data backups ensure your business has up-to-date and usable backup files to fall back on if a data loss event occurs. Contact our team today to learn more about our disaster recovery solutions!

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Does my business need a disaster recovery and data backup solution?

Our data backups are set up to be all encompassing and handle everything surrounding your data backup needs. We will permanently archive and retain data copies, and assist with restoring older data backups in the event of a disaster or data loss event.

We'll work with your business to create a custom data backup solution, perfectly fitted to your needs, taking into consideration total data files, backup size, and network bandwidth. Additionally, as your business grows in size and data usage, we can scale our services to meet your growing demands. 

Our data backup services include the following:

  • Initial backup configuration support and assistance.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your machines to ensure that continuous backup processes are running successfully.
  • Proactive response, including instantaneous alerts and notifications, in the event of a backup failure.
  • Customer support and assistance to recover and restore data in the event of a data breach or data loss disaster.

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Our team has decades of experience helping small and medium sized businesses create and deploy full spectrum disaster recovery solutions, including data backups.

We'll work with your team to design a data backup schedule, storage, and recovery plan to fit your needs and your operating schedule. Partnering with WAMS INC. ensures your business has a sound disaster recovery solution in place and your company is well prepared!


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