28 Feb 2018

New Scam Freezes Browser to Panic Users

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New Scam Freezes Browsers to Panic Users Con artists have created a new method of deceiving users by freezing their browsers and displaying a security notification with bogus tech-support contact details. This adware scam has … Read More

27 Feb 2018

Top Tips for First-Time Virtualization Users

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Unlike most solutions, virtualization technology is not plug and play. It requires you to understand your IT environment and know which aspects could and should be virtualized. This is not something we expect first-time virtualization … Read More

26 Feb 2018

Cryptojacking: How to Protect Yourself

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Over time, your computer will work slower as software requirements become more demanding. But if you have a relatively new computer, and are experiencing performance problems after clicking a link or visiting a website, you … Read More

14 Feb 2018

How to Enjoy Your New Laptop

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Did you just get the newest laptop? New tech toys are always very exciting, but before you start showing off your new purchase, there are five steps you should take to make your laptop experience … Read More

12 Feb 2018

Distributed Spam Hides Illegal Activities

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Cybercriminals are fairly experienced at avoiding detection. By the time you notice they’ve infected your computer with malware or hijacked your account, serious damage has most likely already been done. To make matters worse, they … Read More