31 Jan 2017

Chrome and Safari: Hackers’ Newest Tools

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Filling out web forms often seems like an unbearably monotonous obstacle that gets in the way of online shopping, booking a plane ticket, and doing other types of online registration. With many of today’s transactions … Read More

30 Jan 2017

The Latest Apple Malware Takes Over Webcams

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“The first…of the new year,” is often a coveted title – but not always. With a reputation as a hardware provider whose devices outshine its competitors in the field of cybersecurity, Apple certainly isn’t happy … Read More

27 Jan 2017

New Malware Tests Virtualization Security

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One of the core principles of virtualized technology is the ability to quarantine cyber security threats easily. For the most part, vendors have been winning this security tug-of-war with hackers, but that may change with … Read More

16 Jan 2017

3 “Must-Do” IT Resolutions For 2017

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“Never before in the history of humankind have people across the world been subjected to extortion on a massive scale as they are today.” That’s what The Evolution of Ransomware, a study by Mountain View, … Read More

15 Jan 2017

Managed Services for Cyber Security

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Ransomware, Trojan horses, spyware and malware are things firms like yours don’t ever want to come across. While the term cyber security was once thrown around to scare businesses into purchasing security software, today’s sophisticated … Read More

14 Jan 2017

Don’t Dismiss Disaster Recovery for 2017

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Over the previous months, you’ve probably heard about new and disruptive trends like virtual assistants, smartphones, and automation technologies. Some of these IT solutions may even be placed on top of your business priority list. … Read More

04 Jan 2017

New Ransomware Demands Sacrifice

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It’s scary to think you can be simply browsing the Internet when WHAM! A screen pops up out of nowhere claiming that you have been hijacked and will need to pay a bitcoin to free … Read More

03 Jan 2017

Collaboration-Driving Office 365 Updates

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Communication might be the key to personal relationships, but collaboration is the key to business connections. That’s why many small- and medium-sized businesses are looking into Office 365, a productivity and collaboration-enhancing software that allows … Read More