26 Oct 2016

Increase Productivity with Web Monitoring

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With YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram just a few clicks away, it’s a miracle you can get anything done during an eight-hour workday. As you’re probably well aware by now, there is a huge possibility for … Read More

25 Oct 2016

What’s the Best Way to Verify User Identity?

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When it comes to protecting yourself and your business online, the type of authentication you use for logins, whether for business or for personal use, is vitally important. While many people understand that secure logins … Read More

20 Oct 2016

The Benefits of HaaS for Firms

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Starting a business may seem simple, but running one has its costs. For a business to run efficiently, there must be necessary resources. IT equipment is one such resource, and it must be updated regularly … Read More

13 Oct 2016

Social Engineering and Personal Security

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The technology of crime is evolving, and criminals get smarter every day. But when technology proves too difficult to exploit, criminals resort to manipulating information from their targets via social engineering. This burgeoning field allows … Read More

12 Oct 2016

Could One Tiny Leak Wipe Out Your Company?

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Things were going great at Michael Daugherty’s up-and-coming $4 million medical-testing company. He was a happy man. He ran a good business in a nice place. His Atlanta-based LabMD had about 30 employees and tested … Read More

11 Oct 2016

Making Useful Search Results for your Brand

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When it comes to SEO for businesses, most focus on getting organic results based on keywords centered around those used in their industry. Unfortunately, those keywords don’t focus on your brand identity. That means Google … Read More

03 Oct 2016

New Collaboration Features for Office 365

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If you thought Office 365 couldn’t get any better, Microsoft was not of the same mind. Late last month the company announced a new feature that allows users to invite guests to interact with 365 … Read More