29 Sep 2016

Hardware Shouldn’t Be Bought Willy-Nilly

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The term ‘hard’ in hard drive shouldn’t refer to the difficulty many experience when they set out looking for a new one. It’s hard to deny the importance that hard drives still have to computers … Read More

28 Sep 2016

Virtual Networks: the Future of Security

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For the average business owner, a virtualized network may not seem groundbreaking. And until recently, even the team at VMware didn’t realize just what they could do with it. Now that they’ve publicly announced what … Read More

27 Sep 2016

IT Jargon: A Glossary of Cybersecurity Terms

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Everyone hates jargon. It’s ostracizing and off-putting, but somehow we just keep creating more and more of it. For those who have adopted an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” philosophy, we have just … Read More

23 Sep 2016

What Can We Learn from Delta’s IT Outage?

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Companies can pay a hefty sum if they ever experience any downtime. In fact, Delta Air Lines had a bad bout of severe downtime just last month. In just three days, the airline company cancelled … Read More

15 Sep 2016

Ransomware Appears as Fake Windows Update

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Unlike those who attend Hogwarts, magicians rely mainly on subtle sleight of hand to convince others that they managed to make coins disappear into thin air. The same concept applies to ransomware. How can it … Read More

14 Sep 2016

Why You May Need to Leave Dropbox

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In 2012, cloud storage firm Dropbox was hacked with over two-thirds of its users’ details dumped all over the internet. While the company initially thought a collection of email addresses was the only thing stolen, … Read More

13 Sep 2016

Go Mobile Without Killing Your Data

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What if you could tap into the top talent in your industry, no matter where in the world they are? With the power of the mobile web, your all-star team is now – literally – … Read More

06 Sep 2016

4 Things to Look for in a Business Projector

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We know quite well how long your projector will last you, as the average projector lifespan is around 2,000 hours. That means it’s probably been a long time since you last went shopping for a … Read More