31 Aug 2016

New Features in Office 365

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Microsoft’s Office 365 platform isn’t one of the most popular productivity suites in the world by luck. The company’s expertise in creating functional, innovative, and easy-to-use business applications has won over thousands of users for … Read More

30 Aug 2016

Paper: Dropbox’s Cloud Collaboration Tool

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As various aspects of our lives move into the cloud – from photos to what’s in our refrigerator – there’s an ever-increasing number of vendors to choose from. Founded in 2007, Dropbox was one of … Read More

28 Aug 2016

2016’s Best CRM Software Options

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What are the components of a good CRM software? Must it fit into your budget? Should it be easily navigable? Or must it have a simple interface? All the aforementioned qualities are vital, but none … Read More

27 Aug 2016

Citrix’s XenApp Gets a Cloud Boost from Azure

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Microsoft’s Azure and Citrix’s XenApp have done a lot to move virtualization services into the mainstream over the years. So, with the announcement that the two companies will work together to combine their platforms into … Read More

25 Aug 2016

Office and OneDrive Get iPhone Updates

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When most people think of the iPhone, an Excel spreadsheet isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind. Whether it was the smartphone’s form factor or a general aversion to working from a mobile … Read More

18 Aug 2016

Office 365’s E-appointment App: Bookings

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We all undeniably have hectic schedules, and they’re made even worse with unorganized meetings, impromptu playdates, and unscheduled yoga classes you were forced to attend. In order to move or cancel appointments, you’d generally have … Read More

17 Aug 2016

The Keyboard Checklist for 2016

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What part of your computer can be more hands-on than the keyboard? No pun intended. A keyboards is like a lover; you spend time with it, you caress it, and you fight with it. After … Read More

16 Aug 2016

Network Virtualization: Why You Should Care

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As difficult as virtualization may be to understand, it continues to march toward widespread adoption. Up until now, the service was mostly limited to making hardware and software resources better allocated based on needs. However, … Read More

16 Aug 2016

Six Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix Them

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Although Windows 10 comes with many exciting new features, accompanying them are complaints from the users: from shrinking storage space to the absence of the System Restore function. But fret not, we have listed the … Read More

11 Aug 2016

Are You Betting The Farm Your Backups Are Safe?

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It’s only natural that when you hear of a disaster you think it couldn’t happen to you. That’s why, even though we’re told constantly that we should diligently maintain a working backup recovery system because … Read More