25 May 2016

The Best Tricks and Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word has become synonymous with document creation in businesses, schools and pretty much anywhere that wants to create electronic text documents. Despite more than one billion users worldwide, several of its most useful productivity … Read More

24 May 2016

Image Uploader Security Flaw Discovered

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Unfortunately, we’re confronted with new web security threats every day, and today is no different. Experts have exposed a flaw in ImageMagick, one of the internet’s most commonly used image processors, that could put your … Read More

23 May 2016

Build Your Workforce Using Human Cloud

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If the classic image of a startup was a couple of guys in a garage (think of Amazon, Apple, Disney), the emerging picture is a workforce of cloud collaborators using desired skills to deliver on … Read More

16 May 2016

Server Administration 101: Temperature

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In this day and age almost every business employs some type of server management. If yours is hosted locally, temperature management could mean the difference between running smoothly and running into the ground. Understanding how … Read More

11 May 2016

Will Microsoft’s New App Strategy Work?

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Apps. We need them for entertainment, organization, and for work. In the 21st century, more businesses need more apps to stay ahead of the competition. As iOS and Android phones continue to dominate the market … Read More

10 May 2016

4 El Capitan Problems and How to Fix Them

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El Capitan has been a popular update for those using Mac computers. However, that’s not to say Apple’s latest OS is without its problems. If you’ve been using El Capitan for a while now, you … Read More

03 May 2016

4 Different Types of Hackers

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Hackers come in all shapes and sizes. From kids trying to gain notoriety on the Internet to political groups trying to send a message, the motives for a cyber attack vary widely. So how can … Read More