02 Feb 2016

What Does 2016 Have In Store For The Cloud?

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Cloud computing started as an avant-garde way of business operating, but 2015 has established it as an accepted solution which brings many advantages. Why? For a host of reasons.

Cloud computing allows for inexpensive computing solutions, which is beneficial for companies of all sizes. Staff can access applications and data anywhere around the globe and they can collaborate in real time.

The pay-as-you-go model and the lack of necessity of software licenses make cloud solutions very affordable. Companies can scale their business, as well as improve efficiency, while the cloud provider takes care of reliability and security.

Cloud solutions promote the philosophy of “renting”, so their cost leaves a lot of operational funds available to the company. Businesses can stay competitive and still invest in their technology.

Here are the developments that emerged in 2015 and are expected to grow strong in 2016:

Hybrid cloud

A combo of private and public cloud provide businesses efficacy on top of keeping their confidential files safe. Sensitive data stays on the company private cloud, while the less sensitive data can be easily processed through the public cloud.

Cloud facilitator

The boom in cloud computing is difficult for some to keep up with, even those who are in need of it. Cloud facilitators are liaisons between non-IT companies and cloud providers, because they have the knowledge to connect the business to the cloud solution that would suit it most.

Cloud-intended designs

As the cloud is being more widely deployed, more and more companies will design their applications around the cloud, which allows maximum benefits to be obtained from the platforms.


Container technology enables software to be moved from one environment to another without blips. Today’s dynamics often require software to be shifted around, which can cause glitches because of different protocols and standards, for example.

Containers make sure that all incompatibilities between the two environments are ignored, so that software can perform seamlessly.

Uninterrupted delivery

Once just a desirable feature, but now a requirement – software applications should provide uninterrupted delivery across platforms. Cloud solutions allow users to access applications which have been updated with the latest changes. Users get the latest versions while they are using the applications.

Cloud solutions Los Angeles

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