06 Oct 2015

Halloween Webinar

Wams, Inc.News  

The Chilling Fears About Cloud Computing & Why It May Not Be As Scary As You Think

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It’s not secure! It’s too new to work right! It’s unsafe! It’s too big of a change! It won’t work! It’s just downright scary!!

We hear plenty of terrifying fears about Cloud Computing all the time, and since it’s the month of Halloween, we’re going to silence all of the blood curdling suspicions that you or your managing partner may have about Cloud Computing in our upcoming webinar to condemn once and for all that Cloud Computing truly is an excellent solution for many law firms (but not all…).

Some of the menacing and hair-raising fears we’ll be addressing are:
• Is the cloud really secure?
• How do I know my data is protected and safe?
• How do I know that no one else can see my data?
• What happens if the cloud provider goes out of business?
• Will I be stuck in a never-ending contract with the cloud provider who will hold my data ransom?
• How will they even support my firm?
• Will I be shelling out tons of cash to go to the cloud?

Join WAMS for this spine-tingling webinar where we will be sure to focus on all of your chilling fears about the Cloud.

When: Thursday, October 29 at 11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST

Register: Click here to register

Who should attend: Administrators, Office Managers, Managing Partners, Attorneys, IT Directors, and whoever else may be involved in making decisions about IT in the firm

*BONUS: Trick or treat! One lucky attendee of the webinar will be randomly selected to win a surprise treat that will be delivered to your office!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.01.07 PM