23 Apr 2015

Goodbye, Internet Explorer. Hello Spartan!

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Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari walk into a bar. Firefox orders a drink, and says, “Yo, Chrome, where’s Internet Explorer? Didn’t you tell him to Google the name of the bar?” Chrome shakes his head. “Yeah, … Read More

08 Apr 2015

Apple Unveils The New MacBook

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Earlier in March, Apple unveiled its brand-new notebook to be added to the MacBook product line. This notebook was initially known as the Retina MacBook Air, but Apple has now decided to name it the … Read More

03 Apr 2015

Have PC Slowness? Here’s How To Fix It

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Are you experiencing PC slowness? Are you slamming your head into your monitor wondering just what you can do to fix it? Not to fear, there are several actions you can take to solve the … Read More