25 Sep 2014

Common Ways Social Media Is Used

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Social media has become an integral part of many business strategies, with an ever increasing number of firms adopting a variety of platforms. However, many people are often unsure as to exactly how they can, or should, … Read More

23 Sep 2014

WAMS Alert: Beware of New Virus

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We find it imperative to bring to your attention a recent rise of a particular virus/malware called CryptoWall, which is different than the damaging CryptoLocker virus from last year. We have seen the this particular … Read More

19 Sep 2014

Tech Not Working? Here’s Some Tips

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Technology is an important part of almost every role in every business. We have come to rely so heavily on it that when we do have a problem with a device or system, our productivity … Read More

10 Sep 2014

Virtualization – 5 Ways It Can Fail

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While there are numerous tech systems available to small and medium size businesses, one of the most useful has proven to be virtualization. This movement of physical systems to a virtual counterpart offers many benefits … Read More

08 Sep 2014

Cloud: 100% Uptime Guarantee a Reality?

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As more and more businesses are choosing Cloud-based technologies instead of traditional on-premise servers, the question of which Cloud to choose is more important than ever. But what exactly makes one Cloud different than another? … Read More