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“I have been working with WAMS for several years, and their service is exemplary! Each time I called WAMS, their staff was knowledgeable and quick to help me. A few years ago, I began working with the new law firm of Marshack Hays and I was eager to get us up and running as quickly and as economically as possible; WAMS fit the bill! The WAMS staff and technicians are professional, knowledgeable in all areas of technology, friendly, and make clients feel at ease, even under pressure! Thank you to all of the WAMS staff for all the help you have provided Marshack Hays!”
Administrator at Marshack Hays

“Previously, Stratham Homes had been using a smaller IT firm, which was unable to provide the support our company requires. Since we hired WAMS, we now have a company that is available at any time we need them. We are very pleased with the services that WAMS has been providing, and now I have more free time to complete my primary work since I can rely on them to handle all of our IT needs. WAMS will go the extra mile to ensure that the job gets done and has also been innovative in the solutions they come up with for any IT problems. I highly recommend their services! I would recommend WAMS to anyone because of their prompt response time, knowledgeable staff, wonderful customer service/support, and their experienced, polite and patient IT technicians.”
Project Manager for Stratham Homes

“WAMS is my “go to” resource for many of the firm’s technology needs. They are professional, responsive, and always listen to us as their client to act quickly and accordingly. We have an existing IT staff internally, but we call regularly on WAMS’ expertise and experience to augment our staff. WAMS helps me get the job done and to get the job done right. I would recommend WAMS to anyone who needs trustworthy and quality help with their IT!”
Director of IT at Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

“Wesierski & Zurek LLP has had the benefit of a strong relationship with one of our long-time business partners, WAMS, for many years. Their team provides the information we need to make the right decisions for our firm, and WAMS is our trusted provider. They have kept our system running smoothly and always have solutions that are sound and reliable. With our systems at the foremost of keeping our firm efficient and competitive, WAMS is our IT solution!”
Director of Administration at Wesierski & Zurek

“With WAMS, there is less need for worry! The response time from our first call with a help desk issue to actual resolution is shorter than it’s ever been. WAMS is very proactive, and we have less downtime than we’ve ever had before. I would recommend WAMS to anyone looking for IT support regardless of the size of the company. WAMS is very capable of helping any size firm, and I like that. I know that we are a smaller client, but I also know that we receive the same time and attention as their larger clients. That is refreshing and comforting!”
Office Administrator at Adams Kessler

We Are Dedicated to…

  • Guaranteed Responsive, Superior Customer Service

    We make easing your mind our priority when it comes to promptly responding to you for support—in fact, we guarantee it. For example, open a ticket before 1p.m and get a response by end of day. Our phones are answered by real people, ready to assist you.

  • Secure Data

    We pro-actively implement the highest standards of security in IT for securing your data, whether you have an on-site network or are on the cloud. Data security is law firms is paramount, and WAMS goes beyond what other IT companies do in order to keep your network safe and secure.

  • Focusing on IT Support Specifically for Law Firms

    We hire staff with a background in the legal industry, so we understand how law firms and attorneys operate and the applications/software that you use every day. More importantly, we understand that when a network is down, productivity, billable time, and profit is lost.

  • Providing You with a Dedicated Team

    When you work with WAMS, you receive a dedicated Account Manager and primary engineer with whom you can build a strong relationship with and trust with your network. This also means that you can see and speak to the same engineer every time you need support without having to explain the same issue multiple times.

  • Customized, Long-Term Strategy

    We take your long-term growth into account when strategizing the systems to put in place. When you grow, your technology needs to seamlessly support that growth—not work against it. We will create a technology road map for you that helps your law firm transition into the future. And no client is the same—so each plan is customized—starting with your free assessment.

  • Month-to-Month Contracts

    With WAMS, you never have to pay to get out of a lengthy contract—we earn your business every month. Even before you become a client, we help you lay out a technology plan with a free assessment. From the start, we invest in you before you invest in us. With our 97% client retention rate, we’re certain that we will have a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Common Questions Answered

  • How secure is the cloud?
    It depends on what “cloud” you are referring to, but the WAMS cloud is even more secure than having your servers onsite! Because cloud enables small and medium sized businesses to take advantage of the security measures that only large enterprises used to able to afford, cloud actually increases your network security. With features such as built in redundancy, SSL encryption, private servers and more, you know rest assured that your cloud is a secure cloud. Plus, it’s all housed in a SOC 2/ISAE 3402 (that means it has the highest rating of security)and HIPPA, ITAR and PCI compliant datacenter.
  • How do you charge for services?
    We have different ways to do this. What we recommend and what most of our clients do, is a proactive ManagedCARE monthly package. It bundles in everything that you need to keep your network secure, maintained, and operating and to keep staff efficient, productive and able to work. With things like unlimited help desk, email security/archiving, backups, network monitoring and more, you can rest assured that your network is taken care of with our ManagedCARE packages. We can also do services a la carte or on a project basis as well. Contact us to let us know what you need!
  • What does it mean to monitor remotely?
    Remote network monitoring is a technology that we implement that enables us to keep a constant watch on your network. We monitor the overall health of the network 24x7x365 to watch for red flags that indicate issues could potentially crop up. It enables us to catch problems before they occur and remediate often without the staff ever knowing.
  • What is your response time?
    First of all, we always answer our phones LIVE during normal business hours. There’s no annoying prompt or phone tree to go through to get support. If a non emergency ticket is opened before 1pm, we strive to complete it before the end of the day. If it’s an emergency, we guarantee an acknowledgment of your issue within 15 minutes and help within two hours, even if it’s 2am on a Sunday. With over 15 engineers on staff located all throughout the LA and OC area, we are able to help you quickly!

Have more questions? Call us at (800) 421-7151

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Company Overview
Company Name: Aqueous Technologies
Aqueous Technologies specializes in the manufacturing of cleaning and cleanliness testing systems for the electronics assembly industry. Aqueous Technologies equipment utilizes our planet’s purest substance for the removal of harmful ionic residues. It is their mission to continue developing environmentally conscious equipment which assists manufacturers with increasing product reliability.
Number of Users: 25 Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA Website: www.aqueoustech.com

Cloud Benefits
Aqueous Technologies’ staff frequently travels around the globe and needed an IT solution that would deliver their IT network no matter where they were. The company was also in dire need of an upgrade to their systems since many of their servers were nearing the end of their warranty.
Their mission:
To be able to work anywhere and on any device via a secure, reliable and quick remote access solution.
Our mission:
To seamlessly move them to WAMS Cloud Connect and enable the staff to be productive no matter where they were.

Because of the nature of the work that the company does, they required a remote access solution that was fast, reliable, secure, and always available, even during power and/or internet outage. They previously had an onsite network with a terminal server for remote capabilities, which was functioning, but they knew there were better options.
Compounded on top of that was their immediate need of an upgrade as their servers were reaching the end of their warranty. They looked into Cloud Computing as an alternative to an on-site network refresh because of the reduced capital expense of not having to buy, build, and maintain new servers.
After the company tested the Cloud Connect system before they purchased, they realized how much more efficient they could be by working from anywhere, on virtually any device and made the decision to move to the Cloud with WAMS. It was a seamless transition that immediately provided the staff with the benefit of being able to work anywhere.
“WAMS has enabled us to provide better and faster support to our clients no matter where we are in the world,” said Mike Konrad, President/CEO of Aqueous Technologies.
Aqueous Technologies now has a faster and more stable computing solution that they can access from anywhere on any device that actually reduced capital expenditures on servers and ongoing maintenance costs.

“The onboarding experience to the Cloud Connect platform was effortless on our end. We were a little skeptical about making the transition to the Cloud, and quite honestly expected to have some downtime. To our surprise, the switch was painless, and the engineers at WAMS did a great job of helping all of my staff get accustomed to the Cloud.” Mike Konrad, President/CEO
“Their Cloud solution is rock solid and just plain works!”

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Company Overview
Company Name: Miller Barondess, LLP
Starting in 2006 with just three lawyers, the law firm of Miller Barondess, LLP now has over twenty lawyers. The firm does litigation – trials, arbitrations, mediations and appeals – and their mission is simple: to solve the legal problems of their clients in an effective and efficient manner. Miller Barondess, LLP is a quickly growing firm with an aggressive and passionate team.
Number of Users: 35 Location: Los Angeles, CA Website: www.millerbarondess.com

downtime eliminated
Miller Barondess, LLP is a high-stakes, complex litigation law firm. The firm has a fast-paced environment with young, driven, and highly focused employees who need to always have access to a quick, smart computer network. They are a firm whose size is not only rapidly growing, but their reputation as well. Their lawyers are consistently recognized on the Daily Journal’s Top 100 Lawyer List.
Their mission:
To solve the legal problems of our clients in an effective and efficient manner.
Our mission:
To ensure they can do this with an “always up” network and proactive IT.

Because of the nature of the work that the firm does, they require a computer system that is always up and one that doesn’t hinder their work whatsoever. The company they previously had supporting their network wasn’t cutting it. Not only was the network down occasionally, but the firm felt that the IT vendor was always reacting to their problems and not providing solutions to address the root causes of the failures.
“With our previous IT support provider, we would notice the problems and then have to tell them about it. Then we would have to wait for them to resolve it,” says Don Karr, Controller for Miller Barondess, LLP. “With WAMS, it’s a lot more proactive, and if there is a problem, they solve it before anyone even notices. Proactiveness is what keeps us loyal to WAMS.”
WAMS is able to keep the firm always up and running with our ManagedCARE Server Monitoring. We are proactively monitoring system performance on a 24x7x365 basis to identify potential issues that could jeopordize the network if left untreated. This way, we are able to isolate problems before they occur and address the issue before the users are affected. WAMS ManagedCARE Server Monitoring also provides software patches and security updates, backups, and anti-virus monitoring so that Miller Barondess, LLP knows their network is always secure and performing at peak levels.

“Downtime is our #1 concern when it comes to IT. Whether it’s a hardware failure or a user error, if anything goes wrong with the network, it blows up. The firm wasn’t happy with the company previously supporting our network because of the all downtime. With WAMS, we have no problems, and this keeps everyone working and me happy that I’m not frantically trying to get support to get us back up again.” Don Karr, CFO
“We’re a litigation law firm; everyone is stressed. But now, it’s definitely not about IT!”

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Company Overview
Company Name: Moviola Digital
Established in 1919, Moviola created the very first film editing machine. Changing with the times, we now offer a full service non-linear editing rental division with 24/7 workflow design and technical support, camera rentals, tape and solid state media sales. Our established training division offers leading edge on site and online training for filmmakers, with weekly live webinars and a vast library of professional on demand training.
Number of Users: 50+ Location: Four office locations Website: www.moviola.com

Strict Client Requirements? No Problem.
Although Moviola has been thriving in business since 1919, the new era of film presented new and different challenges they need to overcome if they wanted to continue servicing their largest client, the popular and extremely successful Disney/Marvel.
In order to continue working with Moviola, Disney required that they pass a strict and detailed audit, including everything from on-site, physical security to IT/networking security.
They could handle most of the requirements, but when it came to the technology, they knew they needed to bring in an expert. That’s when they reached out to WAMS for help. Gary Migdal, President of Moviola, has been in the Post Production and Media industry for many years. He knew he needed to ensure this audit was successful for Moviola.
WAMS came in and helped them with all of the details of the IT project, including the initial walk-through with Disney, the planning and scoping of the project, the purchasing and installation of the hardware/software, and the ongoing maintenance.
Moviola also felt like WAMS truly took the time to explain everything to them in plain English so that they knew why they were doing what they were doing.
“Anytime I asked the WAMS team to explain something to me, they were more than willing to explain everything, beyond, ‘well, you need it,” said Migdal. “They work with other vendors we have and are really team players, They’re just really good guys!”
Once the project was complete, Moviola had Disney/Marvel come back in one last time to do a final audit. They passed with flying colors and continue to breeze through any additional IT/networking requirements that their client needs.

“We needed to bring in a company who had all of the expertise that we could rely on to spec the project, build it out, and continue to maintain it. We liked WAMS’ overall approach and their people. We felt that they completely understood our business and were willing to work with us to achieve our goals and requirements from Disney. Plus, they were flexible in how we could do this.” Gary Midgal, President of Moviola Digital
“I would recommend any company who is looking to install an improved IT infrastructure or anyone who has networking issues to reach out to WAMS. They are very diversified in their knowledge base, and I would recommend WAMS to anyone who really wants to get their IT and networking scenarios stable and running.” Gary Midgal, President of Moviola Digital