Who We Are

Who We Are

The WAMS team is a diverse group of brilliant and carefully selected individuals with one goal:
to ensure that WAMS provides you with the best IT support and Cloud Services available.

WAMS Leadership

All paramount to the development of WAMS, our leadership team keeps WAMS running like the well-oiled machine that it is. We lead our Client Relations and Support teams to ensure that communication with our clients and services provided exceed expectations. The success of our clients is our top priority.

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    Cris Williams

  • Originally From: East Patterson, New Jersey
    Favorite Pastime: Traveling the country in my RV
    Time with WAMS: Since May 1994

    Kevin Haight

    General Manager
  • Originally From: La Mirada, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Cooking
    Time with WAMS: Since November 1982

    Kay Johansen

    Director of Finance

Client Relations Team

From Sales to Marketing to Education, our Client Relations Team is here to provide you with updates in the industry, awareness of your best options, and to ensure that you have the answers you need to make decisions. We communicate with our clients to ensure that they are always in the know on the latest, greatest, and best suiting hardware and solutions.

  • Originally From: Walnut, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Singing
    Time with WAMS: Since October 2005

    Stephanie Allen-Herms

    Sales Coordinator
  • Originally From: Long Beach, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Dancing, Running, Traveling
    Time with WAMS: Since February 2016

    Ashli Lopp

    Marketing Manager
  • Originally From: Orange, California
    Favorite Pastime: Hanging with my family & music production
    Time with WAMS: Since August 2016

    Matt Morris

    Account Manager
  • Originally From: Whittier, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Family, Sports
    Time with WAMS: Since March 2019

    Johnny Navarrette

    Account Manager

WAMS CloudConnect Team

The WAMS CloudConnect Team is devoted to providing clients with our incomparably convenient and secure cloud solution, and to ensure that our clients remain compliant and efficient. Whether you are in the field or in your office, our cloud specialists keep your system with you.

  • Originally From: Los Alamitos, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Driving fast cars
    Time with WAMS: Since August 2016

    Bill Inman

    Cloud Solutions Director
  • Originally From: La Puente, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Woodworking, shooting
    Time with WAMS: Since June 2016

    Gabriel Ramirez

    Cloud Solutions Analyst
  • Originally From: La Palma, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Camping, record collecting
    Time with WAMS: Since December 2016

    Scott Hagman

    Cloud Solutions Analyst

Meet the WAMS Support Team

The WAMS support team is comprised of Systems Analysts with various certifications, skills, and specialties to ensure that you are working with a highly knowledgeable and effective individual in every area of our business. From Cloud Specialists to Help Desk Analysts, to Field Engineers, and even Training on new systems, our team has you covered. We are your optimal solution.

Remote Support and NOC Teams

The WAMS Remote Support Team is committed to providing you with the outstanding round-the-clock support that you need to keep your business running smoothly and your employees functioning efficiently. With real-time help desk solutions as well as staff training and awareness, we have you covered. The WAMS NOC team ensures that your network is always available and that your system is backed up multiple times daily. Through attentive monitoring, we ensure that nothing will compromise your data or productivity. With unparalleled monitoring of your network, our teams are sworn to the culmination of your IT solution.

  • Originally From: Torrance, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Fixing things, cooking, reading, cleaning
    Time with WAMS: Since October 1997

    Ron Compos

    Service Coordinator
  • Originally From: Metairie, LA
    Favorite Pastime: Being with my kids
    Time with WAMS: Since July 1997

    Jason Haight

    Service Coordinator
  • Originally From: West Covina, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Cooking with my Daughter
    Time with WAMS: Since June 2017

    Jason Quevedo

    Helpdesk Manager
  • Originally From: Naperville, IL
    Favorite Pastime: Hanging with the family and catching our favorite shows/movies
    Time with WAMS: Since September 2018

    Court Nickel

    NOC Manager
  • Originally From: Berkeley, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Playing video games
    Time with WAMS: Since May 2016

    Benjamin Conhaim

    NOC Support Analyst
  • Originally From: Quezon City, Philippines
    Favorite Pastime: 
    watching TV, Movies & youtube videos, play PC games.
    Time with WAMS: 
    Since September 2018

    Wally Estreller

    Helpdesk Analyst
  • Originally From: Arcadia, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Watching my 13 year old play baseball and my 9 year old daughter’s theater performances & Tennis
    Time with WAMS: Since May 2015

    Kathleen Kvitek

    Director of Training

Systems Engineer and Project Team

Our Systems Engineers are perpetually visiting the offices of our clients to evaluate, set up, maintain, move, and update your networks to ensure that you are provided necessary stability to keep your business running. With boundless knowledge of legal technology systems, as well as certifications, our cohesive team provides our clients support that is truly second to none.

  • Originally From: Abington, PA, “I was a military kid and traveled my whole life.”
    Favorite Pastime: Stuff
    Time with WAMS: Since July 2007

    Bill Coapman

    Sr. Systems Analyst
  • Originally From: Redondo Beach, CA
    Favorite Pastime: Photography
    Time with WAMS: Since May 2015

    Brent Dastrup

    Sr. Systems Analyst
  • Originally From: Covina, CA
    Time with WAMS: Since September 2003

    Joe Pena

    Sr. Systems Analyst
  • Time with WAMS: Since July 2008

    Adam Shapira

    Sr. Systems Analyst
  • Originally From: Born in Red Bluff, CA. Moved a lot, but spent a lot of time in Seattle.
    Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my family and watching movies
    Time with WAMS: Since March 2015

    Jeff Hill

    Systems Analyst
  • Originally From: Yerevan, Armenia
    Favorite Pastime: Swimming
    Time with WAMS: Since May 2015

    Vahagn Amerikyan

    Systems Analyst
  • Originally From:
    Favorite Pastime:
    Time with WAMS:

    Peter Chen

    Systems Analyst
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