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Why the WAMS Cloud Connect

Storing your data in the cloud (also referred to as cloud computing or cloud networking), has been and will continue to be the trend for data storage for many reasons. Though we originally started 40 years ago servicing clients with traditional , on-site networks in Los Angeles and Orange County, you can now become a WAMS Cloud client from any location in the world. The WAMS Cloud Connect delivers your entire network securely, reliably, and cost effectively. Here’s how:

  • The WAMS Cloud Connect is built on industry leading data centers to ensure high availability and unparalleled security. Your data is encrypted and is always being backed-up. This means you are no longer vulnerable to disasters, theft, or hardware failures. We add additional layers of security, such as two-factor authentication and secondary backup/replication for advanced security.
  • WAMS Cloud Connect is an all-inclusive platform, meaning that all of your data, applications/software, email, files/folders, EVERYTHING is centralized and streamed to you via a remote desktop. It’s just like what you’re used to today, except that you have no servers to purchase, upgrade and maintain on-site.
  • The WAMS Cloud Connect is designed especially for law firms—built with law-industry-specific security measures and compatibilities in place.
  • Your team can access your entire network (applications/software, files and folders, data, email, etc.) from any device by logging into a secure portal. They can also access the data on the cloud network from any location and it appears and functions just like they’re used to with an on-site network, except they don’t have to be physically in the office.
  • For the end user, the WAMS Cloud Connect is easy to use and allows them to be more productive.
  • All support, training, Microsoft licensing, and seamless cloud updates are included in one monthly flat rate. This means never having to worry about expensive software or hardware updates (which also take more time to upgrade and update).

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Moving to the WAMS Cloud Computing Solution

WAMS has developed a solid, step-by-step process for moving your firm to WAMS Cloud Connect that ensures the transition is smooth, painless and easy for your staff. You will have a dedicated, assigned team that will design your cloud specifically for your firm’s needs and that will be with you every step of the way to keep you informed and prepped for “going live” on your firm’s private, customized Cloud Connect platform. When you make the decision to go to WAMS Cloud Connect, the process will be:

Step 1: Various consulting sessions that will help our team architect your firm’s customized cloud.

Step 2: Our team designs and builds your firm’s cloud platform, staying true to your firm’s specific needs.

Step 3: Specific attorneys/staff that we designate as “power users” will have access to your firm’s cloud to test the quality, performance and reliability of the platform.

Step 4: Any necessary modifications from the testing phase are completed by our team.

Step 5: We do a training session with the entire firm to show them what may be different, how to use their cloud, and how to get support from us if needed.

Step 6: We designate a “go live” date for your firm to officially switch over to your firm’s new Cloud Connect platform. On this day, we have multiple members of our staff present to help anybody who has questions or needs assistance.

Step 7: Your firm is continued to be supported 24x7x365 by our remote help desk and on-site engineers as needed. All support is included in your monthly cost.

Step 8: Your firm now enjoys the benefits of being on the cloud, such as a unified experience for all staff, the ability to work from anywhere and on any device, and the peace of mind that your entire network is safe and available at anytime, no matter what.

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Managed IT Services | Los Angeles, CA

The WAMS managed IT services offering, ManagedCARE, takes complete ownership of the technology you choose to have managed for one monthly price. Because managed IT service packages are all-inclusive, you know your costs in advance and there are no surprises. ManagedCARE also allows WAMS to take a proactive approach to managing your IT. Instead of reacting to issues, WAMS is able to be alerted and fix the problem before users experience any downtime. Our Managed IT Services are provided to businesses in Orange County, the greater Los Angeles, CA area, and the Inland Empire County.

This may be right for you if…

• You are looking for 24x7x365 support for your on-site IT network.

• You are seeking constant, proactive monitoring of your network.

• You want to pass the burden of IT into the capable hands of a reputable IT company.

Included Services in Your Monthly Plan…

  • ManagedCARE Server
    This includes on-going, proactive maintenance & constant monitoring of your network.

    Learn more

  • ManagedCARE Desktop
    We make sure that your desktops are secure and running optimally at all times.

    Learn more

  • ManagedCARE Backup & Disaster Recovery
    Protecting your data in case of a fire, earthquake, power surge, data corruption, accidental file deletion, or hardware failure.

    Learn more

  • Network Security
    We set your network up with anti-virus and anti-spyware systems to protect it from viruses and other detrimental attacks.

    Learn more

  • On-Site & 24/7 Remote Support
    Prescheduled, on-site visits from your primary engineer to work with individual users and issues. Also get 24x7x365 on-demand support, even at 2am on a Sunday.

    Learn more

  • Unlimited Help Desk
    Whether you and your entire staff have five questions or 100 in any given month, you can call our help desk and get all of your questions answered—at no additional cost to your monthly plan.

    Learn more

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ManagedCare Server

Interested in cutting your IT spending by 30% to 50% while also increasing its security, performance and uptime? WAMS provides you with ongoing, proactive server maintenance and support to keep your servers up and running optimally. Here’s what’s involved:

  • One of our senior network engineers will perform regular, scheduled maintenance on your network each month which consists of updating your virus protection, checking your critical firewall and security settings, installing software patches and security updates, and conducting a series of system optimization tasks to keep your network running at maximum speed and performance.
  • Remote monitoring of your network 24x7x365 days a year to detect, diagnose, and prevent lurking problems from turning into major interruptions to your business in the form of downtime, security breaches, or other failures.
  • We design the right mix of on-site, remote, network, and help desk support to fit your needs.
  • We assume full responsibility of all servers on your network including completely restoring the server to full functionality in the event of a hardware or software failure.


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ManagedCare Desktop

When computers aren’t working optimally (i.e. contain viruses, load and operate slowly, etc.), it results in productivity losses, possible data loss, and often paying huge bills to get these problems fixed. WAMS ManagedCARE Desktop is a low cost, fixed-fee solution (included in your monthly IT plan) that pro-actively monitors and maintains your desktops—leading to lower downtime, higher end user productivity, reduced support costs, and happier employees! Our ManagedCARE Desktop preventative maintenance services include:

  • 24X7X365 desktop monitoring to proactively address issues.
  • Remote installation of software patches and security updates.
  • Anti-virus monitoring for updates every 4 hours to ensure the latest anti-virus definition files are always installed; a Webroot Enterprise Anti-virus and Anti-spyware License for each desktop is included at no additional cost.
  • Daily spyware scan and removal and bi-weekly temporary file and Internet debris removal to keep computers from getting bogged down, slow, and susceptible to viruses.
  • Bi-weekly temporary file and Internet debris removal.
  • A LogMeIn Pro license for every desktop at no additional cost.
  • Performance of a series of system optimization tasks to keep desktops running at maximum speed and efficiency.

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ManagedCare Backup & Disaster Recovery

What happens to your data when there’s a disaster? Do you have a disaster data recovery plan in place? Living in Los Angeles and Orange County, the threat of fire and earthquakes is very real. And no matter where one lives and works, a burst pipe, power surge, data corruption, or hardware failure can happen. We include a pro-active backup and disaster recovery plan in your flat, monthly IT management fee so that should disaster happen, your data is recovered quickly and automatically. Rest assured that your business never stops running, regardless of the circumstances. This backup and discovery plan includes:

  • A special NAS (Network Attached Storage) Server at your location which provides continuous, image-based snapshots of your servers every 15 minutes and is also being automatically encrypted and replicated to multiple secure offsite data centers to protect your data.
  • Proactive monitoring of the NAS Server and management of your backups on a 24x7x365 basis.
  • We confirm that your backups are working properly. Every day.
  • Monthly backup integrity and failover server testing performed, giving you peace of mind that the backups are reliable.
  • Should a server fail, there’s automatic creation of a fully functional, virtual replica of the downed server in a matter of minutes on the NAS Server. In this event, the NAS Server effectively becomes the downed server so that user disruption is minimized and the downed server can be brought back to full functionality offline while the backups continue.
  • Should a major catastrophe occur, your servers can be hosted virtually at the data center. Or, we can arrange to deliver a new NAS Server the next day that will contain the most current data loaded at the data center to a location you specify.
  • Whether you need to recover a folder, particular file or email, or keep the network running during a disaster or server failure, we manage the entire process.

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Network Security

We pro-actively implement the highest standards of security in securing the data on your network. We also educate you along the way on the security of your data within your monthly managed IT plan. It’s important to understand the security measures implemented along the way for your peace-of-mind. Here are some of the security measures we will take for you:

  • Remote monitoring of your network 24x7x365 days a year to detect, diagnose, and prevent lurking problems from turning into major interruptions to your business in the form of downtime, security breaches, or other failures.
  • We install anti-virus and anti-spyware systems on your network and email.
  • We utilize top-of-the-line firewalls with intrusion detection and prevention, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spyware, content filtering, 24×7 Technical Support, and a hardware replacement warranty for the life of the contract.
  • We install and maintain systems that reside on the firewall as well as systems that reside on the individual servers and desktops.
  • We provide environmental monitoring and alerts for electrical, air conditioning, and humidity problems.
  • We review your network and advise you of security vulnerabilities and recommend software and hardware solutions.
  • We have software solutions for monitoring network traffic. Worried that streaming applications such as Internet radio and Internet TV will use all of the available bandwidth and slow down the network? We can lock the network down from these productivity thieves with the installation of software or appliances.

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On-Site And 24/7 Remote Support

With the pro-active approach that WAMS takes with your IT (a futuristic strategy, constant remote network monitoring, email continuity solutions, data protection, etc.), we set you up so that your additional support needs will be minimal. However, should you need us—anytime (even at 2am on a Sunday), we’ll be there to assist you and correct any issues either remotely or in person. We know how crucial your computer network is to your business and how critical it is for it to always be running smoothly. We also guarantee that if you open a ticket by 1pm, you will get a response from us by end of day. This is the WAMS commitment to you.

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Unlimited Help Desk

If you happen to be the leis-on between the employees in your company and the IT department, you do not have time to field constant questions regarding email support, computer speed, how to access certain data, etc. So we take these questions on for you. The WAMS Unlimited Help Desk is staffed during normal business hours (with extended support available) with a technician ready to handle questions and issues very quickly—first remotely if possible. Within minutes, the technician can be connected to the user’s desktop resolving the problem by using GoToAssist, a remote connection software from Citrix. Should the problem require escalation to a specialist, the technician creates a “Trouble” Ticket and will follows-up with you until the issue is resolved. The WAMS Unlimited Help Desk is included in the flat monthly billing fee. These are the different tiers of support you can expect when calling our Help Desk:

  • Tier 1 support issues for desktop applications can typically be resolved quickly over the phone. These applications include (but are not limited to) Microsoft Word, Legal Macro Packages, WorkShare, and additional document management systems.
  • Tier 1 support issues for desktop operating systems and hardware can also typically be resolved quickly over the phone. This includes (but is not limited to) password resets, connectivity, configuration of applications, spy-ware and virus issues, and general troubleshooting.
  • Tier 2 support consists of handling any issues that need an Analyst/Engineer to repair the problem. In this case, a ticket is created by the technician on the phone, and the support is scheduled in a timely manner. After the support has been given, there will be a Trouble Ticket follow-up to make sure the issue has been completely resolved.
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IT Projects & Consulting | Los Angeles, CA

You may not need an entire Information Technology over-haul. In this case, if you’re looking to have a particular project implemented (ie an upgrade to your existing network), need IT training for your staff, or would like to increase the security of your network, WAMS can work with you on a project and/or consulting basis. Our IT Project & Consulting services are provided to businesses in the greater Los Angeles, CA area.

This may be right for you if…

• You are looking to upgrade or add to your current on-site network.

• You would like to verify the security of your network and see how you can increase your protection.

• Microsoft before office: You need customized training for Office or legal applications/software.

The different à la carte IT services we offer…

  • IT Consulting & Services
    From remote and on-site support to hardware and software sales, we allow you to select the IT Support Services that best meet your needs.Learn more

  • Security
    We’ll verify the security of your network and put the proper systems in place to increase your protection.Learn more

  • Training
    Have your employees trained on the software and data storage platform that serves as the backbone of your daily operations.Learn more

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IT Consulting & Services

WAMS provides a full spectrum of IT consulting services in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area. All of our services are provided by our WAMS Analyst/Engineers who have been IT managers for law firms and businesses. They are uniquely qualified to perform all services remotely and on-site. If you’re interested in a fully-integraded IT package, we can do that. If you’re wanting to work with WAMS on a project-by-project basis, we offer these individual services below:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Hardware & Software Sales
  • Help Desk Support
  • Server & Workstation Replacement
  • End-user Application Upgrades
  • Network/Email Security
  • Training
  • Something else? Contact us here.

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Network & Email Security

Are you sure that your legal data is fully protected and secured? How do you know? WAMS can run tests and measure the security of your network and email. And whether you’re interested in a fully-integrated IT package, which includes constant network remote monitoring, or just an upgrade to your current security system, we can handle both to the highest industry standards.

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WAMS believes that training is extremely important to having a successful installation. When your employees are trained on the software and user-interface of your data storage platform, they work faster with fewer mistakes (and questions directed at you!). Proper tech and application training for your staff equals the highest return on your IT investment. Are some of your team members not so tech-savvy? That’s okay, we can train them too. WAMS prides itself on having highly competent teachers and technicians who will patiently work with your staff at every skill level. Here are some additional components to our trainings:

  • Flexible Scheduling: WAMS will work to minimize the impact of training on your business by designing the training around your staff’s work schedule. WAMS can provide any combination of half-day sessions as well as night and weekend sessions for your convenience. Training can be done on-site or off-site.
  • Training Documentation: For future refreshers, employees unable to attend the training, and/or future hires, we will provide professional, customized, detailed documentation of your training.
  • Floor Support: WAMS instructors will plan days and times to be on-site between and after training sessions to enhance the success of the transition to the new products. We feel it is important to support the training process by being there while users apply what they’ve learned.
  • Train the Trainer: In addition to training end-users, we can provide more comprehensive training to in-house trainers at your organization.
  • Follow-up Advanced Training: This as well as “Lunch and Learn” sessions are available for follow-up training in specific areas.