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Common Questions Answered

I have an emergency!! How do I get support?

If it’s an IT emergency where your firm cannot work, call us instead of emailing/submitting an online ticket. Since we always answer our phones live during normal business hours (7am-6pm), you will be able to talk to our dispatch coordinator immediately.

How do I get after-hours/weekend/holiday support?

Call our general office line (800-421-7151) and follow the prompts to leave a message with a description of the problem and your contact information for the engineer on-call. We guarantee an acknowledgment of your issue within 15 minutes and help within two hours, even if it’s 2am on a Sunday.

I submitted a ticket. When should I expect a response?

If a non-emergency ticket is open before 1pm, we strive to complete every ticket before the end of the business day.

Will you be sending an engineer to my office when I submit a ticket?

Usually not immediately. Most issues can be resolved remotely, so that you don’t have to wait for an engineer to come on site in order to get your problem resolved. If it can’t be solved remotely, then we will dispatch an engineer to be on site as quickly as possible.

What option number do I press when I call in to get support?

No need! We always answer our phones live during business hours, so you know that you will get support quickly. No auto attendant or voice prompts here; just friendly (real) people picking up, waiting to help you.

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