About Us

WAMS has been providing computer related services and consulting to law firms and businesses in Southern California since 1974. With our tech experience going back long before the days of the Internet, we’ve been committed to constant growth and innovation with every new development.

In 1975, WAMS developed a complete time and billing application for law firms and eventually was responsible for processing the billing of over one hundred local law firms. In the 1980’s with the onset of the personal computer, WAMS wrote and supported customized, in-house computer accounting and billing systems for a number of very large law firms. In the late 1980’s, WAMS was involved in the installation of the very first networks, including Novell Netware (we’re dating ourselves even mentioning Novell and mainframe computing!). In the 1990’s, WAMS expanded its engineering staff, our network clients, and our top-class manufacturing partners.

Today, WAMS serves hundreds of clients across all industries throughout the state of California providing expert IT support services for both hosted and on-site networks and cloud computing. As technology promises to move at a lightning-fast speed, WAMS will continue to serve our clients better than any of our competition. With WAMS, you get the steadfast reputation and reassurance that comes with working with a company that has been in business for so long.